[Mono-osx] NObjective and Inheritance

Martin Smith martin.smith.jr at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 18:08:10 EST 2009


I was looking at the NObjective source code, and noticed that that basically
all the proxies are generated as structs.  The compiled assembly then gets
passed to a code weaver which fills in the Objective-C class inheritance
structure. The code weaver basically uses Mono.Cecil to make structs support

I guess this works, but the thing I'm wondering is: is it safe te rely on
the fact that the mono runtime can actually support inheritance for value
types?  Is this something that's supposed to be supported by the CLI but
just isnt supported by C#?  I'm assuming that there would be some serious
issues if all the proxies weren't the same size (i.e. with only an IntPtr as
the instance data).

At any rate, cheers Eugeny.  You've created a pretty impressive layer here.
Have you thought about extending NObjectiveAST to suport interoping some of
the C-based functions (for example, NSMakeRect, or the CGContext* methods).

Thanks again Eugeny for such great code!
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