[Mono-osx] Scopes all set to "User" but now old .exe.config settings come back?

Tomasz Muszyński thom at union.waw.pl
Tue Feb 3 17:51:02 EST 2009

Wiadomość napisana w dniu 2009-02-03, o godz. 21:42, przez d_v:
> Matt Emson wrote:
>> Tomasz Muszyński wrote:
>>> You are almost right - appSettings are simpler to use, but also  
>>> gives
>>> you very limited functionality,
>> Used carefully, there's not a lot they can't implement.
>> M
>> I have been using the app.config file (<assembly>.exe.config) file  
>> happily
>> for a few weeks now in VS 2005.NET in a Windows Form and running the
>> program on mono 2.2_5 .  I just have to set the scope to "User" and  
>> not
>> "Application".  Well now I notice that it does not seem to use my new
>> settings.  I have no idea where it is getting the old values  
>> from...  Not
>> from the config file anyways in the .exe directory.
>> I tried:
>> 1. Setting all properties to "string".
>> 2. Hitting synchronize in the settings designer.
>> 3. Changing values in the xml config file after the fact on the Mac.
>> 4. Running both Debug and Release assemblies.
>> 5. I rebooted.

Check files in ~/.local/share/. Mono stores there user.config - You  
can delete that file and then You will have defaults from .exe.config.  
You can also try to call Settings.Reset().


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