[Mono-osx] [Cocoa-sharp] Crash Cocoa-Sharp

Chuck Esterbrook chuck.esterbrook at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 22:41:15 EST 2009

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Ryan Boggs
<rmboggs.obsd.ports at gmail.com> wrote:
> Another question,
> If cocoa-sharp is unmaintained and people, like me, are being directed
> away from cocoa-sharp to other projects, why is it still included with
> the mono releases?  Unless there are some internals that still depend
> on it, cocoa-sharp seems to be just added fat.

My understanding is that it is there for any projects that might have
started using it. So that if you upgrade Mono, your Cocoa# app doesn't

I agree it's problematic in that it's distracting to new users.

I wouldn't mind seeing it pushed out to a separate project and a Mono
wiki page directing people to the various choices for Obj-C bridging.


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