[Mono-osx] MonoDevelop

Thomas Wiest twiest at novell.com
Tue Oct 28 12:52:53 EDT 2008

Bis wrote:
> Hi you need to download MonoDevelop separately - apparently! You can download
> it from here
> http://www.mono-project.com/Downloads
> Why is it that some versions of Mono include MonoDevelop and others don't?
Yeah, for 2.0 we decided to change the bundling. So, from here on out, 
MonoDevelop will be separate.
> And is each version of MonoDevelop only compatible with a certain version of
> Mono?
No, you should be able to run MonoDevelop on various versions of Mono.
> I am thoroughly confused - I can't get MonoDevelop 1.9 to work on my OS 10.4
> PPC with Mono 2.0.1 (which works fine).
Yeah, we've had some problems apparently. We're currently working on 
them. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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