[Mono-osx] Invoke CIL/Managed Code from ObjC/XCode on Mac

Kevin Heeney koheeney at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 22:13:13 EDT 2008

   I think I have hit a wall.  I am fairly new to mono on mac; however am
familiar with .NET and Objc/Cocoa.  I am unable to successfully 'embed mono'
or call methods from my Mono dll in ObjC.  I have created a UI using
Interface Builder and have my App Controller in ObjC ready to call my C# dll
which contains my logic.  Cocoa# and ObjCSharp both claim to be 2 way
bridges; however I can only find code for calling Cocoa from C# and not the
other way around.  In addition, I cannot get the samples from <
http://www.mono-project.com/Embedding_Mono> on Embedding Mono to work in
XCode.  My actual issue with the latter is I cannot get XCode to link to the
mono framework.  I am getting errors like "main.c:1: error: mono/jit/jit.h:
No such file or directory".   I am not sure what I am missing; it may be

Any guidance would be appreciated.
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