[Mono-osx] Anyone know of a date for 2.0 on OS X??

Bart Masschelein masschel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 13:27:08 EDT 2008

>> Guess we can just compile the source ourselves if there isn't going  
>> to
>> be an installer release soon.
> If you use fink, I've got up-to-date Mono 2.0, monodevelop, and
> friends released, as of today.  I haven't checked everything totally
> in-depth, but monodevelop and a few other things work as expected.
> I'd appreciate feedback.

MacPorts as well already contains Mono 2.0, however not MonoDevelop  
yet. Interesting to see fink delivers MonoDevelop as well. I'm curious  
how stable it is in comparison with compiling the source code (for  
MonoDevelop) by hand.

I repost a mail I've send to the MonoDevelop list as well here, for  
the interested parties:

I've written down how you can compile the trunk version of MonoDevelop  
on OSX, in a reproducible way using MacPorts. I you want to give it a  
shot, visit:


Be aware that I wouldn't consider it a stable version yet, but it is a  
first step into reporting additional problems to the MonoDevelop-ers  
regarding the OSX platform.

I encountered some issues, which I will address in specific questions  
in following mails, in an attempt to improve the quality of  
MonoDevelop for OSX.

Happy compiling, and idem dito, feedback appreciated.


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