[Mono-osx] Unable to Open MonoDevelop Please Help

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 18:14:57 EST 2008

Kajendra wrote:
> I am really new to Mono, don’t know if I am doing a wrong
> installation steps?
> Problem: When click the MonoDevelop from Application folder on OS X
> (Intel Mac 10.4.11), the icon bounces then disappears, nothing is
> opened.
> I have already installed the latest X11 (2006 1.1.3)
> From the Mono Download Pages I have installed:
> Mono 2.0.1_1 Framework - Universal (Which is in /Library/Frameworks)
> MonoDevelop 1.9 (beta) (Drag & Drop into Application Folder)
> Cocoa# 0.9.4 source (A Zip File, got no idea what is it and where to
> dump the folder)
> Gtk# what's this file? Where to get this library? Should this be
> installed???

Gtk# is installed with Mono, so you have that, don't worry.  :-)

Please open Applications->Utilities->Console.app, and see what output is
produced when you try to launch MonoDevelop.  Paste that output here and
maybe somebody will have a clue as to what's going on.


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