[Mono-osx] MonoDevelop and GTK#

Bart Masschelein masschel at gmail.com
Mon May 26 18:28:46 EDT 2008

On 27 May 2008, at 00:19, Geoff Norton wrote:

> On Tue, 2008-05-27 at 00:17 +0200, Bart Masschelein wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> After several months of not using mono on my MBP, I returned to it,
>> and installed Mono 1.9.1_3. I was very pleased to read that
>> MonoDevelop was included, especially since it has a built-in  
>> designer.
>> However, when I want to create a GTK# solution, as one of the first
>> tutorials on MonoDevelop suggested, I noticed that there is no GTK#
>> solution under the C# samples, as it should. I only see Console
>> project, Empty project and Library, but no GTK#.
>> Am I missing sth? GTK# should be included in the package, as  
>> indicated
>> on the download pages. Do I need additionally the GTK+ library? If  
>> so,
>> what would be the easiest/best way to do this? MacPorts?
> Stetic (the Gtk# designer) isn't supported on the mac yet due to a  
> lack
> of underlying drag and drop support in the gtk+quartz port.  Once that
> has matured we will start supporting / shipping it.
> -g

Wow, you're fast!! Is it really you, or have you written a semantic  
analyzer for incoming mails, autogenerating suitable replies ;-).

I was just going to add that I just found out that I have gtk2  
@2.12.4_0+x11 (active) installed with MacPorts, probable Scite was  
needing it... Probable it does not even matter.

Anyway, I read that I'll have to wait a bit. Keep up the good work!


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