[Mono-osx] Easy way to get "plain" .NET app running on the Mac?

Weyert de Boer wdb at innerfuse.biz
Thu May 22 12:57:04 EDT 2008

My application is nearly working only having a problem that a method 
isn't implemented yet. See below.
Now I already have to rewrite the component to avoid the use of mouse 
hooks, this was used to keep getting
the mouse position when we are dragging a child component.

** (BrazilPrototype.exe:174): WARNING **: NOT IMPLEMENTED: GdipWidenPath

Now I was using child components in a panel for the draggable elements 
and then used a mouse hook to be able to get the mouse cursor when 
hovering over other elements on the screen.
In such manner that I was able to draw the bezier path to the current 
mouse position. I should just draw it all on the component.

> Hello,
>> I am curious how much work it would be to get a normal Windows .NET 
>> application running which leverages the normal stuff. Like 
>> System.Windows.Forms and the Drawing namespace (for my customcontrol)
>> Anyone able to shed some light on this?
> Provided you do not use P/Invokes yourself, it should be easy.
> Check this guide:
> http://www.mono-project.com/Guide:_Porting_Winforms_Applications
> miguel

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