[Mono-osx] monodevelop problems

"Lustyik Tamás Márton" lvsti at sch.bme.hu
Thu Mar 27 06:48:35 EDT 2008


I have installed everything from the mono 1.9_5 package but still cannot get monodevelop work properly. (Tiger 10.4.7)

First I tried to import an old VS2003 solution but it crashed when I chose Convert so I ended up adding files to a new mono solution by hand (it also crashes when I issue Close on an open mono solution). At least compilation works, as long as it doesn't require winforms, because it seems that it cannot locate that namespace. 

Another thing is that when I try to create a new solution, I cannot see "Gtk# 2.0 project" under the C# branch, neither can I get to the built-in UI designer tool. I suppose it should be there since the screenshot . I looked for the gtk# libraries but seemingly they are placed correctly under /Library/Frameworks/whatever.

Any idea for any of the above?


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