[Mono-osx] [ANN] objc3-sharp 0.2

Jesse Jones jesjones at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 23 04:19:37 EDT 2008

objc3-sharp is a Mono library that allows you to write Cocoa  
applications in any .NET language. You can find more information or  
download it at <http://code.google.com/p/objc3-sharp/>.

The changes from version 0.1 are:
* Changed namespace casing.
* Completely changed memory management. NSObject no longer fiddles  
with reference counts and is not IDisposeable. A one-to-one mapping  
between managed and native instances is now maintained only for  
exported classes. This means that clients can use the same rules in  
managed code as they would in native code.
* The memory unit tests now all pass and the memory stress test in the  
sample no longer exhibits slow growth in the heap size.
* Does a better job marshaling exceptions to native code when they  
aren't serializeable.
* Does a better job marhsaling null to native code.
* Can now use RegisterAttribute on classes to allow them to be used as  
managed method argument types.
* NSObject, MethodSignature, and Untyped override Equals and  
* Makefile targets are now rebuilt if gmcs or gcc flags change.
* pkg-config pc file now supports the "Libraries with Unstable APIs"  
* Renamed NativeValue Untyped.
* Added an IVar generic class to provide type safe access to instance  
* Added NSObject::Snapshot which returns all NSObject's which are  
still around (in debug).
* Added a cocoa-pack script to build app bundles. This is like mono's  
macpack except:
   - it's not neccesary to delete the bundle before running the script.
   - you can specify flags to use with mono (e.g. --debug).
   - flags passed to the launcher script are forwarded to the assembly.
   - instead of creating a lame Info.plist it copies (and seds) an  
existing one.
   - mdb files are automatically copied if --debug is in the mono flags.
   - localized resources are supported.
   - .svn directories inside nibs are not copied into the bundle.
   - the script doesn't export any environment variables so it may not  
work with winforms or other cocoa bridges.

   -- Jesse

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