[Mono-osx] IDE for Mono in Mac OSX (Tiger)? MySql connector problem.

Iain Collins mono-osx at iaincollins.com
Sat Jun 14 13:04:18 EDT 2008

Hey Jen,

On 13 Jun 2008, at 18:51, JenSor wrote:

> Hello,
> I design a website using ASP.net and C# using MonoDevelop on my Mac.
> MonoDevelop seems to have quite a few bugs, so I was wondering  
> whether there
> are any alternatives?

After trying a few alternatives, I've been using Eclipse on the Mac  
for Mono development for the last few months, with great success.

While their are a number of prepackaged builds of MonoDevelop for  
Linux that are just great (and building it on Linux is quite  
straightforward) the Mac OS version gave me a few problems -  
particularly on x86 (C2D), though on PPC (G5) it seems quite a bit  

As I say though, for regular development I went with Eclipse with the  
Emonic plugin because it was more reliable (and Eclipse is handy for  
me because I can use it with a range of languages). The Emonic builder  
does have a few issues though, but generally it's been okay. I've been  
using Nant for the builds, I think in future I will stick with Ant  

Oh there is a pretty good C# TextMate plugin too, and that works  
really well too (particularly after a bit of customization of  

> I am especially having a problem with the MySql connector. I also use
> MonoDevelop on my Linux machine and the database connectivity works  
> fine
> there, so I know that my program is working correctly. However, when  
> I run
> the same code on my Mac, there is something wrong with my database
> connector. Is there any document that explains how to install the  
> MySql
> connector properly on a Mac?

I've been using MySQL connector with C# webservices (on Mac OS) with  
great success.

I downloaded the Visual Studio Project for the driver from mysql.com,  
used MonoDevelop on Mac to open and build it (which - although it  
seems to have a few bugs, as you've noted, it did without a hitch in  
one step), then just copied the resulting DLL to my project directory  
in Eclipse and was able to link to it and compile DLL's using it  
without issue.

I'm not sure why there isn't a binary release of the MySQL driver  
for .NET/Mono, it would certainly be much more convenient!

Best regards,

Iain Collins
me at iaincollins.com

PS: If you'd like the source for an example C# webservice calling  
MySQL (using Mac+Mono) to help you figure out the problem, just let me  
know and I'll happily put one up somewhere.

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