[Mono-osx] [ANN] objc3-sharp

Jesse Jones jesjones at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 9 01:48:56 EDT 2008

objc3-sharp is a Mono library that allows you to write Cocoa  
applications in any .NET language. It's very easy to use. For example,  
you can call native methods like this: "NSObject box =  
NSObject.Create("[[NSBox alloc] initWithFrame:{0}]", frame);" and  
define new classes like this:

[ExportClass("MyView", "NSView", IVars = "myVar1 myVar2")]
internal sealed class MyView : NSObject
     // This would be used if you create the view from managed code.
     public MyView()

     // This is used if the view was created from native code and will
     // be called the first time a managed method is called from native
     // code.
     private MyView(IntPtr instance) : base(instance)

     public void AddABox(NSObject sender)
         // ...

     public int Tag()
         return 33;

It's similar to the Mono objc-sharp library, but faster and way easier  
to use. You can download objc3-sharp at <http://code.google.com/p/objc3-sharp/ 

   -- Jesse

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