[Mono-osx] Bug (?), WinForms unresponsive behavior

Fredrik Kling kling.fredrik at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 11:31:04 EDT 2008


First post to the list, very new MAC user, this might be completely known to
However, the following (attached) small C# program does not work as
expected, it basically freezes directly and becomes unresponsive directly
after startup...  It works in Windows using Mono and MS framework..
I have searched the internet quite heavy trying to find some hints, but in

Using Mono 1.9.1...

I have attached the code for a small program that illustrates the problem..
But basically, I create a Form from within another class which overrides
some of the events for the form, in this class I have a function for force
an update of the drawing area, basically Invalidate, DoEvents, Update..
Outside this class I loop indefinitely, calling the update function each
iteration and processing events manually..

I do not use "Application.Run()"..

Main loop looks like:
            WinFormsTest disp = new WinFormsTest();  // inherited class with
Background painting set to false...
And the "Update" looks like:
  window.Update();     //This is not a recursive call!
  if (bWaitForRefresh)
    refresh.WaitOne();  // Event set by the OnPaint member when finished
Anybody knows what could be the reason?
Is WinForms on OS X supposed to work?

Best Regards,
Fredrik Kling
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