[Mono-osx] Access iTunes using C#

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Sun Jan 20 14:57:51 EST 2008

∞ wrote:
> Il giorno 17/gen/08, alle ore 19:56, Bart Masschelein ha scritto:
>> I know I could do those things using AppleScript
> Just as COM is the preferred way to script applications under Windows, 
> as it is accessible to the Windows Scripting Host languages, 
> AppleScript is the preferred way to achieve the same results under Mac 
> OS X. There is no COM-like API under OS X.
> You can use well-crafted AppleScripts through Cocoa's NSAppleScript 
> class. I don't know if it works through the bridge (it should, though).


What do you think that dictionary thing is? It directly exposes the 
logical human interface of the application to external scripting 
languages. The AppleScript scripting language was originally conceived 
as a DEMO of the scriptable interface, not the end-all.

In fact, it was primarily meant as an example of a natural language 
scripting language for ease of use of non-programmers and to show how 
eventually scriptable apps on the Mac could be controlled by voice.  It 
certainly wasn't meant to require anyone to slavishly use AS instead of 
some other language of choice.

If Apple has changed this fundamental philosophy since the NeXT crew 
took over, it certainly explains a lot of things, such as the decision 
to remove the mutli-human-language provision from the dictionaries.


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