[Mono-osx] [Cocoa-sharp] how can i integrate cocoa# into xcode

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Sun Jan 20 13:15:53 EST 2008


>> For the goal of consolidation maybe this will help. Here is a  
>> summary of
>> all the resources that Cocoa# is directly and indirectly using:
>> *Projects*
>> CocoaSharp
>> CSharp Plugin for Xcode
>> Mono on OSX
> Some more related projects are:
> cocoa-sharq (my rewrite forked in 2006)

does it make sense re-merging these two, or abandoning one or the other? 
Can you give a brief summary or lins to info on whats different in 
Cocoa-Sharq vs Cocoa#?

> objc-sharp (another similar project by Geoff at Mono)
> Dumbarton (contributed by imeem to Mono)

Ok – since Mono SVN is obviously tricky to grant to  wide range of 
people, how about we set up *one* "experimental/work" SVN somewhere, 
where "anyone" can get access to, with a handful of dedicated people 
reviewing those changes regularly and migrating them back to the "real" 
Mono repo? Ideally, *any* development should be moved to the "work" 
repository, as to avid conflicts with changes happenng directly in Mono?

i could offer to provide a public SVN one of our servers for this, for 
all the project we want (if we wanna move away from google).

>> *Mailing lists*
>> cocoa-sharp at lists.ximain.com
>> cocoa-sharp-dev at googlegroups.com
>> mono-osx at lists.ximian.com

i would recommend closing the google, and putting appropriate infos on 
the google page so people *unmistakably* know that they are looking at 
outdated stuff and should go elsewhere.

the same would apply to the old cocasharp.org page. right now, when you 
look at it your first impression is that this *IS* still the official 
home, and the project is just abandoned. you need to dig a while to find 
a link to google.

again, i could offer to host a proper MediaWiki on our servers for this, 
if we do want to maintain a more easily editable resource apart from the 
official project-mono.cm page.

in either case, we need to make sure that all three currently existing 
urls (.org, mono and google) maske it absolutely clear where to go for 
the party.

for the mailing lists, i suggest keeping coca-sharp and mono-osx, but 
make it VERY obvious everywhere that these lists are mentioned that both 
exist and that, at this stage, we recommend everyone to subscribe to both?

we should definitely close the google list, as its imho to inaccessible.

>> *Wikis*
>> http://cocoasharp.org
>> http://mono-project.com/CocoaSharp and http://mono-project.com/CSharpPlugin
>> http://code.google.com/p/cocoa-sharp-dev/
>> *SVN*
>> mono-cvs.ximian.com/source/trunk/cocoa-sharp
>> https://cocoa-sharp-dev.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/csharpxcodeplugin
>> The reason some stuff was moved to google was so that the community  
>> could
>> better control svn/wiki access. However, that does not seem to have  
>> worked
>> as well as hoped. I am all for moving things back to Mono resources so
>> Cocoa# can keep close ties to Mono. Now that Mono has committed to
>> supporting OSX more that may be a good idea.
>> Thoughts?

i think either'd be fine, and i can see obvious advantages to both (easy 
commit access for a broader and ore active team vs. avoiding of duplication)

> Some consolidation of the various resources would indeed be good.
> I'd assume there is no -dev and no-dev split between the mailing lists  
> (and I agree that wouldn't make sense), cocoa-sharp-dev is simply the  
> name of the Google project. It would make sense to decide upon which  
> to use for Cocoa# development and to document that.
> But please don't merge Cocoa# *code review* into Mono-osx.

agreed, id suggest to keep the two ximian lists, with the notes above.

> The problem is who moved to Google and who didn't. I don't see  
> Kangaroo, Dru, Urs on your group, neither am I or some others that  
> contributed at some earlier point. So factually cocoa-sharp-dev is  
> another fork even though the code itself still appears to be in Mono's  
> trunk.
> I believe to really make Cocoa a first-class Mono citizen, a separate  
> project, like Google Code, would be a better place for now as it'll be  
> easier for people to sign up and get SVN access and update pages, and  
> to stay ahead of Mono's release cycle. Compare Geoff's new SWF project  
> where he has to provide updates and bugfixes for the released Mono  
> version through his personal blog that only few people know about.

good point, yes. however, ideally such bugfixes could also be mentioned 
on the relevant Mono wiki pages (which right now, i our case are 
severely outdated and no-one ooks at for those reasons - but that can be 
changed. if people knew that mono-project.com/CocoaSharp had up to ate 
infos (rather than being 2 years old), they'd  check there.

> If there's renewed interest in actively working on the ObjC bridge I'd  
> gladly join the effort over at Google. That code hasn't been touched  
> since early 2006 when Geoff picked up parts of my improvements.
> For my C# plugin however I'd rather not host that at any Cocoa#  
> project. C# syntax coloring is one thing, integration of the various  
> compilers another and templates for specific projects or file types  
> yet another.

Maybe we need one "work" repository for all these OSX related efforts, 
not just Cocoa# - and your Xcode plugin would fit in there as well? i 
certainly wold appreciate having that in some SVN, as i wanna wokr on 
getting Chrome integrated into XC3 as well, and ideally we should be 
able to work together to create something language-agnostic as a base, 
that wll work for C# and Chrome (and VB and whomever else)?

(ftr, ths reply will not show on cocoa-sharp-dev as google doesn't allow 
to subscribe from non-gmail addresses. one more reason, imho, to get rid 
of google)

marc hoffman

RemObjects Software
The Infrastructure Company

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