[Mono-osx] [Cocoa-sharp] how can i integrate cocoa# into xcode

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Fri Jan 18 17:10:39 EST 2008


> Seems that we have some communication problems at cocoa-sharp... (big  
> ones I'd say) We have two different mailing lists :
> cocoa-sharp at lists.ximian.com
> cocoa-sharp-dev at googlegroups.com
> I really don't understand the mailing list situation:
> As in other project we have a dev and non-dev group, but clearly cocoa  
> should not have a non-dev group. Think about it, we have evolution and  
> evolution-dev. The evolution one is for the evolution users while  
> evolution-dev is for the developers, but in our case we have  
> developers in both sides. Do we really want the non-dev one since  
> cocoa is a library anyway. On top of this we are having discussions  
> about similar things in both and I think things are getting out f hand.
> On the google one a couple of us have been talking about how to write  
> some proper documentation, I have offer to use my server to held the  
> project (500 gb per moth bandwidth etc.. ) and I don't mind paying  
> that. But we seriously have to sort out the group!!!!
> I know that there is people that want to help the group and work a lot  
> but we first have to fix all the problems we have and centralize all  
> the info of the project. We have potential coders with the skills but  
> when they see this situation they get scared.
> We need to discuss a solution... please replay to both mailing lists  
> so everyone reads it until we decide which one to use.

oh boy - last month (or so) i was complaining about cocoa-sharp and 
mono-osx being one too many lists for this (currently) narrow field. now 
we have a third that's apparently nt mentioned anywhere on the website? 
that's bad.

i agree that we should consolidate this, ideally down to *one* list 
(mono-osx), at least to start with until mono on osx gets enough 
traction to warrant separate lists for the different technologies (such 
as cocoa-sharp)?


marc hoffman

RemObjects Software
The Infrastructure Company

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