[Mono-osx] Creating a native dylib from a .net assembly, and calling into it

Lael, Glenn Glenn.Lael at monotypeimaging.com
Fri Feb 29 17:20:46 EST 2008

( Sorry, I forgot to do a reply all... )

Thanks for the quick reply.

They are .NET assemblies.

I need to call into them from a native objective-C app...

On 2/29/08 5:06 PM, "Geoff Norton" <gnorton at novell.com> wrote:

> Glenn,
> On 29-Feb-08, at 5:03 PM, Lael, Glenn wrote:
>> I've ported parts of a windows .net app to the mac using mono &
>> macpack,
>> which worked fine, but in our windows implementation we've use several
>> separate assemblies ( .dlls ) for the real work that have no ui.
> Are these .NET assemblies or native windows dll's?
> If they're the former, copy them over and it'll just go.  If they're
> the latter you need to recompile/port/rewrite them for Mac.
> -g

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