[Mono-osx] Creating a native dylib from a .net assembly, and calling into it

Lael, Glenn Glenn.Lael at monotypeimaging.com
Fri Feb 29 17:03:33 EST 2008

Hi All,

I'm extremely new to Mono ( like this past Tuesday ) so please forgive me if
this has been answered elsewhere, or if I over explain things you already

I've ported parts of a windows .net app to the mac using mono & macpack,
which worked fine, but in our windows implementation we've use several
separate assemblies ( .dlls ) for the real work that have no ui.

Ultimately these assemblies are called from a windows service which is
always running.  The mac equivalent is a daemon, something I'm going to have
to write in either C++ or objective-c.

So my question is can I generate dynamic libraries ( .dylibs ) for the mac
through mono that I can then call from my daemon or am I stuck having to
rewrite everything ?

Thanks for your help,


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