[Mono-osx] Announcing NSDuctTape

David Mitchell dave at fallingcanbedeadly.com
Thu Feb 21 09:46:03 EST 2008

This e-mail is to announce the first alpha release of NSDuctTape.


NSDuctTape is a new library that serves as a bridge between Apple's
Objective C runtime and the CLR. It was designed from scratch to make it as
easy as possible to create Models and Controllers to interact with Views
created with Interface Builder.


The library is far from complete, but enough has been done that it is usable
for certain kinds of simple applications. You can read more here:
or you can download source and binaries here:


I welcome feedback (and patches!), and I hope that others find it useful.


NSDuctTape is released under the MIT license.




P.S.-I understand that there are already other bridges in existence, such as
Cocoa# and Dumbarton. I considered using these, but my primary goal is to be
able to reuse models made for other systems (particularly WPF) with a
minimum of extra, Cocoa-specific code. Currently, implementation of a single
interface from my library is the only thing that is required for Cocoa's
binding system to work with .NET types, and a very similar interface was
defined in Microsoft's .NET 3.5, so I plan to switch to having that as a
requirement as soon as it is included in a relese of Mono (it's possible
that it's already there; my current install of Mono is a bit out of date.).

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