[Mono-osx] Installing mono

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 14:47:35 EST 2008

On Feb 6, 2008 10:46 AM, Ockert Labuschagne
<olabuschagne at growthpathanalytics.com> wrote:
> I'm new to both mono and Mac. I have a Mac mini running OS X 10.4.11. When I
> run the MonoFramework-1.2.6 installer the installation fails. Am I missing
> something that I need to do first?

Probably X11.app.  I received that error when I tried to install without it.

Install X11.app from your original OS X install disc, then try again.
The Mono installer may see it is an "upgrade", but that will be fine.


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