[Mono-osx] 1.2.6_6 Release

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Wed Feb 6 10:17:12 EST 2008


On 6-Feb-08, at 10:12 AM, Ken & Deb Allen wrote:

> I like the new downloads page!

Thanks, a lot of work by the team went into this.

> I grabbed the new release, especially because I wanted to see
> MonDevelop, but there are some problems with it.

Have you filed bugs for these issues?  Tracking things going forward  
really needs bug reports.  That being said.

> 1. Quit from the Apple menu never quits, and quit from the File menu
> usually quits (but not always).

Please file this as two seperate bugs with as much information as you  
can on how to replicate the problem.
> 2. On the File Open dialog, almost none of the navigation options
> work! Sometimes I can move around, but most of the time, especially if
> a project/solution is not open, pressing most buttons or double-
> clicking on the list do nothing!

I have seen this before, it appears to be a bug in Gtk+ (but please  
file it anyways).  The work around (for now) is click the title bar of  
the dialog and move it slightly, then things should begin to work as  

> 3. The Add Files dialog does not respond to the mouse at all, except
> for the Aqua window close button! One has to use the keyboard!

Same as above.

> 4. I cannot figure out how to create a MonoDevelop project/solution
> from an existing set of files that had been compiled from the command
> line.

I'm not even certain MonoDevelop can do this without creating a  
project/solution and adding your files to it.  Check the MD  

ps> please assign all the bugs directly to me


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