[Mono-osx] Coco sharp project web

mandel at themacaque.com mandel at themacaque.com
Sun Feb 3 08:10:13 EST 2008

Hi guys,

I finally have good news!!! After fighting with Zoe/Plone, I have  
realized that I'm not their friend... so I have decided to go back to  
the old Apache server. i have set up a clean mambo installation that  
we can use to organize the project.
The current template is the basic mambo one and it would be great to  
have someone to personalize it!!!!. I have yet not added anything  
because I believe there are a number of things that should be decided  
as a group:

1. What do we have in the webpage?

This is more or less what I think would be nice to have:

Tutorials (with different categories)
webLinks (pointer to other projects that are related with urs)
Forum (Not sure about that)
Blogs for contributors (not sure about that)

2. What can the non-registered user see in the webpage?

I think we should allow everyone all the tutorials and news, but make  
them register in case we set up a forum.

On top of the web I can set up email accounts for all the contributors  
as well as a svn or bazaar repo which would be easier to gain access  
than the mono one.

Dammed I nearly forgot it, I have also registered the following web  
domains for the project:


I'd love to have the old cocoasharp.com pointing to the new web and  
have all of them linked together.

I hope this helps the project, let me know what you think,


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