[Mono-osx] FileSystemWatcher on Linux

pablosantosluac at terra.es pablosantosluac at terra.es
Fri Dec 26 15:37:50 EST 2008


I'm running a test with FileSystemWatcher on linux. My problem is:

- I never get "rename" events but "removed" and "added" event pairs

- I also get a huge number of "modified" events for files I think no one 
is touching (I'm seeing that on a huge number of source files on my 
workspace, files that are not being edited (unless they're being acessed 
by "beagle" ... :-P, so just forget about this one)

Also, one question: Inotify is able to *correctly* report moved files, 
isn't it? I mean, not like on windows where the *sad* FileSystemWatcher 
implementation is not able to track moved files, right? So, wouldn't it 
be better to modify the InotifyWatcher implementation to correctly fill 
moved events (I know it won't be the *standard* way, but it would be 
better, wouldn't it?)

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