[Mono-osx] .exe using Winforms and Monobjc/Cocoa (success)

Andrew Brehm ajbrehm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 05:36:09 EST 2008

My second test of Monobjc is a program (StupidWordCounter, the same example I
used for Cocoa#) that uses a NIB file or a Windows.Forms GUI depending on
which platform it runs on. (It checks for a directory
"/System/Library/Frameworks/Cocoa.framework" to determine if it is running
on Mac OS.)

I made a few screenshots of the development process in Visual Studio 2008
and Xcode 3. I'll upload them in tutorial form in the next few days and give
the URL here.

Remaining issues:

1. The path to the NIB file as used by Monobjc confuses. Apparently this
past must be relative to the .app bundle containing the assembly. This is
useful for the finished program but makes testing/debugging difficult.

2. I still have an awful lot of platform-specific code in two classes for
each GUI. I wonder if there is an elegant practice for dealing with this
(and whether using native GUIs rather than a crossplatform GUI toolkit is
really the way to go).

3. Can Monobjc use XIB files? If yes, how? Interacting with NIB files is a
hassle with Xcode 3, which by default wants XIB files and doesn't even let
you create IB 2.x NIB files easily.

But all-in-all I remain very convinced that Monobjc is the greatest thing
since sliced .NET.

Any chance that it become part of the default Mono distribution? Novell? Buy

And if anyone from the Monobjc team reads this: is there a way I can help? I
am a bad programmer but excellent user. Can I at least donate or something?

Happy Holidays.

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