[Mono-osx] Opinion Please - honest answer? Java or .Net

Christoph Standler Christoph.Standler at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 04:25:24 EDT 2008

For me it all comes down to whether you will need a GUI that is at all
sophisticated.  Mono in general seems to work great, but I just can't get
Windows Forms on my Mac to work acceptably, with the biggest problem being
that a form that refreshes instantly on my PC refreshes over several seconds
on my Mac, with bits appearing one piece at a time.  If you have a simple
GUI, Mono may work well for you.

That's actually a good point, I came to the same conclusion after the last
two Preview Versions of the Mono 2.0-Framework: If you use Mono for
program-logic in the background (in my case Webservices, Managing and
reading/writing files, Xml-Handling, etc) it works just fine (except for
some smaller issues). But as soon as you start using a GUI that provides
more interaction that just a menubar and some Labels and Textboxes, things
get pretty messy. The mono-framework is not nearly as stable in GUI-terms as
the Linux-part.

Another thing, which might speak more for Java than for the Mono-Framework:
It's just not finished yet and judging by the latest two releases (Preview 1
& 2), one cannot tell how stable the Mono 2.0-framework might be in it's
final release version. When Preview 1 came out, it took me about two weeks
to get a stable running version of our companie's software on the Mac
(baring in mind that I am a tota newbie to the Mac-world and worked alone on
it). When Preview 2 came out, I had about 30-35% of the software stable on
the Mac... Installed Preview 2, started the program -> Back to the start,
because nearly nothing worked anymore. Most issues seem to come from the
GUI-part of the Mono-Framework, which makes it even more frustrating to
Long terms short: In my oppinion it is not really possible to judge HOW
stable the Mono 2.0-framework will be on mac in the final version. And for
the planing of a software, this might be a bit of a No-Go. To our company,
the 8th (where hopefully the first Release Candidate will be released) is a
kind of a brakepoint: If the Mono-Framework proves to be way more stable on
this point, we will concentrate our efforts on the framework, else Plan B
will be invoked, which currently includes using Java ;) )



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