[Mono-osx] Getting Started - ASP.NET

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Wed Aug 27 06:30:33 EDT 2008


> Relative newbie to Mac here, complete newbie to Mono but 4+ years  
> experience
> of ASP.NET on Windows. I'm having a problem getting things up and  
> running.
> I've got the framework installed and have a simple ASP.NET page  
> ('<asp:Label
> text="Hello World!" runat="server" />') but when I go to
> http://localhost/TestPage.aspx I get the asp.net code displayed  
> rather than
> "Hello World!".
> I know I can open the page with MonoDevelop, click build/run and  
> then run
> http://localhost:8080/TestPage.aspx which works fine but the link no  
> longer
> works when I close MonoDevelop. From this, I'm assuming that  
> MonoDevelop
> initiates a virtual server on port 8080 and in some way starts the  
> service.
> So, is there a way of starting the service without running  
> MonoDevelop so
> that I can just create files with any old text editor then run them  
> using
> any old browser... much in the same way that I would natively on a  
> Windows
> PC?

yes, just go to your web folder in Terminal and run "xsp2", that will  
run the mono web server in ASP.NET 2.0 mode.

note that i have found that xsp2 does not catch up to changes you make  
to your code, like, at all. you need to kill and restart it whenever  
the aspx or codebehind changes. imho thaty makes it pretty useless for  
real-world work, which is why i'm resorting to running IIS in VMware  
to host the site i'm working on, even if im using Mac-side tools like  
Coda (much recommended!), CSS Edit and Firefox to work/test.


marc hoffman

RemObjects Software
The Infrastructure Company

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