[Mono-osx] Upgraded to 1.9, now getting a slightly confusing message from my unit tests...

Frank Mantek fmantek at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 04:23:14 EDT 2008

I recently upgraded to 1.9, and now, when i run my unittests under  
Leopard, i get:

  Google.GData.Client.UnitTests.CoreTestSuite.TestTokenCollection :  
System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException : Type  
'System.Configuration.SingleTagSectionHandler' not found. () ()
   at System.Configuration.InternalConfigurationHost.GetConfigType  
(System.String typeName, Boolean throwOnError) [0x0002b] in /private/ 
   at System.Configuration.ConfigInfo.CreateInstance () [0x0000b] in / 
   at System.Configuration.SectionInfo.CreateInstance () [0x00000] in / 

The tests were running fine before, and the same tests run under  
VS2005 on a windows machine with the same config file. I searched for  
answers using the usual tools, but can not find anything easily that  
would explain this. I verified (as far as i could) that the config  
file looks valid to ensure that this is not just a "forgiving" runtime  
on the windows platform.

Any hints? I am darn sure this is something braindeadly stupid....

Frank Mantek

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