[Mono-osx] Re : Mono Develop not running on Mac OS X Leopard

elwis tsapzang primus_fr at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 16 03:13:52 EDT 2008

in the package there is a readme and it says that to run monodevelop X11 must be installed.
this may be the answer?

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Please retry all this with our 1.9.1 release coming this week as most (if not all) of these issues should be fixed.


On 15-Apr-08, at 6:09 PM, Bobby Powers wrote:

hi Norbert,

as far as I know, the installation of the bundle isn't suppose to put an icon for monodevelop anywhere - that is why an application is included on the install DMG.  After you install the bundle (I believe its a bundle, its been a week since I last installed...), you can drag that MonoDevelop icon to you application folder and run - its a simple shell script wrapped in an application bundle to easily launch monodevelop.

I have not tried VB in monodevelop, but I have seen the problem with newlines, and it is quite distracting and annoying. I've been meaning to file a bug report (although I think that this is a mac gtk issue rather than a monodevelop specific issue), i suppose this is good motivation.

OSX native GTK is still a work in progress, but 2 months ago it was almost impossible.  Its come a long way in a really short time - don't give up on mono yet! :)

Bobby Powers

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 10:35 PM, Norbert Pausch <napau at t-online.de> wrote:


it is impossible for me to get Mono Develop running on my Mac Mini
(Leopard). I had several attempts now. At least I deleted all mono
files on my system and did a new download and installing procedure.

But the system still does not work properly:

-the installation does not put the icon for monodvelop in the Finder
so it has to be started via the command monodevelop in the bin

-syntax highlighting ist not working with vb source files

-syntax error indicating via underlining is not working in vb source

-the system classes are not visible in the IDE

-new lines in vb source code cannot be inserted by pressing enter,
only the line numbers are incremented, no lines are inserted

-a warning for missing environment-variable Mozilla_Home is appearing

Is this the way it should work? What am I doing wrong? What can I do
to get the system running? The compiler itself is working. A short
example application could be compiled and was running. So it should be
possible to manage the strange "behavoiur".
My system is new an there is no exotic Software besides the Standard
installed (NeoOffice, JEdit). Btw java applications install and behave
very well. Is Java the only remaining architecture for cross platform

Kind regards


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