[Mono-osx] MWF Mac.

Stefan Csomor csomor at advancedconcepts.ch
Fri Oct 19 04:32:31 EDT 2007

Hi Geoff

great to see advances on that front :-) Thank you !
> On the topic of an OSX theme.  I'm fairly certain that OSX doesn't 
> provide a way to draw a control without instantiating it; meaning that 
> an OSX them (while entirely possible) would probably require people to 
> actually do all the drawing themselves (like we do for Win32).  The 
> plus side to this is we could provide a OSX and a OSX_BRUSHED_METAL 
> theme or something if some graphic designer was so inclined.
one could use some of the HITheme rendering APIs (HIToolbox/HITheme.h) 
at least for doing part of it, I don't know how well the fit into your 
drawing model, but it provides the necessary calls to render controls 
including animated pulsating buttons...



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