[Mono-osx] Conceptual Idea: (Semi)automatic generation of Cocoa# wrapper classes

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Tue Nov 27 11:53:13 EST 2007


> If you carefully looked at the list archive you would find that we
> once had a code generator for Cocoa#, and it resulted in very ugly
> code. The newer manual version was much, much better but I agree it is
> tedious work and had/has design flaws; I tried addressing some of them
> but that has not been picked up. 

I was not aware of that, no. Could you point me to the relevant discussions?

> Also, fundamental differences between
> the two worlds cannot be fully bridged even manually, for instance
> inheritance of events was pretty problematic to implement as I recall.

Of course, yes.
> Whatever you decide to do these days, please keep it to the Cocoa-
> sharp list, there's no need to cross-post. Thank you.

Sure thing, i'll remove Mono-OSX after this reply. To be honest, the main reason
i cross-posted was that i've seen so little (read: none since i joinced) traffic
on cocoa-sharp that i wasn't even sure it was an active list ;).


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