[Mono-osx] Conceptual Idea: (Semi)automatic generation of Cocoa# wrapper classes

Russell Hind rhind at mac.com
Tue Nov 13 04:18:19 EST 2007

Just read a page at MacResearch.org (http://macresearch.org/whats_new_on_the_leopard_command_line 
) that mentioned a new command in Leoopard


Maybe that would prove useful for Leopard, anyway?



On 10 Nov 2007, at 19:52, marc hoffman wrote:

> Hi,
> this maybe (probably?) has come up before, but i couldn't find any
> reference to it, so here it goes:
> As i've found out myself, recently, creating the wrapper classes  
> needed
> to access the Cocoa objects from managed code is a very tedious and
> error prone process, which in tuen explains, of course, why such a  
> small
> portion of Cocoa is actually exposed, so far. It's mind-numbing
> runt-work that no-one wants to do.
> has anyone ever put any thought into creating a way to *automatically*
> or semi-automatically (ie with manual adjustments) generate these
> wrapper classes by, for example, parsing method headers from available
> .h files or the documentation?
> if not, does anyone think this would be a good idea and would like to
> work with me on investigating this? (i'm very interested in this  
> myself
> (else i wouldn't bring it up ;), but my spare time is severely limited
> these days, so i wouldn't want to take this up all by myself - but i'd
> certainly be happy to put effort and energy into this, if someone else
> will help out as well).
> looking forward to your thoughts on this,
> marc hoffman
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