[Mono-osx] Mono development on OS X without a debugger? (was Re: Mono on Leopard)

Stephen Rylander stephen at devolutions.org
Sat Nov 10 12:03:13 EST 2007

Indeed, that isn't what I expected. :)
Thank you for sharing.  The other comment about Log4Net I see could 
accomplish the tracing aspect of the the application, but it's still not 
a debugger.  That's the only thing that keeps me Python on OS X and C# 
on Windows.
But as Mono leadership has stated, their concern is interoperability for 
.NET on Linux. 

Ed, out of curiosity, why not just java on OS X then?


Edward J. Sabol wrote:
> Stephen Rylander asked:
>> Ed, I'm curious how you, or others, are making full use of Mono on
>> OS X without a debugger? I really want to use Mono more, being an
>> experienced C# developer, but the lack of a debugger freaks me out.
>> I'd really appreciate any and all thoughts on the subject.
> Stephen, I know it sounds archaic, but I basically just add a bunch of
> WriteLn's to the code until it works the way I expect. (Actually, I have a
> "Logger" class which facilitates this and writes the info to a log file if
> and only if debug mode is turned on.) As a long-time Web CGI and JavaScript
> developer, I guess I'm just kind of used to this method of debugging, so it
> doesn't bother me. I'm not sure I'd advise employing this methodology with
> GUI development though.
> If you really want a C# debugger, you could always use VMWare or Parallels on
> Mac OS X to run a Windows or Linux debugger on an as-needed basis, I
> suppose....
> Hope this helps,
> Ed

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