[Mono-osx] Cocoa# performance on Leopard

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Sat Nov 10 14:34:40 EST 2007


logged as 340885..

Time to create testcase: 1 minute
Time wasted on <explicative deleted> novell bug site: 45 minutes (not 

i hope it repro's for you, if not, please let me know if i can be of 
further help of can do any debugging here...


Geoff Norton wrote:
> Please log an issue so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle and regardless 
> of how simple it is; testcases help.  I've just finished upgrading my 
> main workstation to Leopard so I should be able to look into this next 
> week.
> File the bug under Cocoa# and assign it to me please.
> Thanks
> -g
> On 10-Nov-07, at 1:01 PM, marc hoffman wrote:
>>> If anything, my app (basically a NSTableView filled from a DataSet) 
>>> does seem
>> to
>>> react a bit slower to user input such as scrolling or even resizing 
>>> that it
>> did
>>> before - but that's most likely due to my code (though i'll investigate
>> further
>>> and keep you posted if i find anything relevant).
>> Yeah - definitely seeing major performance problems. I've got a 
>> clean/empty
>> Cocoa# app and merely drop a NSSearchText onto my main window in 
>> Interface
>> Builder (i don't even bind it from the managed side by attaching an 
>> outlet or
>> action), and when i run and type into it, i can slowly see one 
>> character show
>> after the other, at a rate of maybe 1 per second...
>> The same sort of delay can be seen on just about any UI element, 
>> including - say
>> - clicking a button.
>> Any ideas or suggestions how to approach this further? I doubt a "test 
>> case"
>> will help, given the simplistic nature of the problem? Should i just 
>> log an
>> issue? Is there anyone else here who's already on Leopard and can 
>> conform (or
>> deny) this problem?
>> Thanx,
>> marc hoffman
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