[Mono-osx] Mac port of a .NET game

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Mon Nov 5 19:59:43 EST 2007

> Then, I should bundle Mono as described here... 
> http://www.mono-project.com/Guide:Running_Mono_Applications
> ... or should I use "mkbundle" on a Mac machine, and it will generate
> a stand-alone application, just like it does on a Linux system? 

Actually, am not sure that we have ever documented how to "bundle" Mono
with your applications.

mkbundle is to make self-contained executables, and I strongly advise
you against using it.   It is hard to debug, and it is hard to work

But if you *really* want to do it, go ahead.   I dont think its a good
idea based on our experience, but you seem to be going down that path
with Salamander/Xenocode anyways.

> Or should it be better to port for GTK# on Linux and Cocoa# on Mac? 

I dont think you will need either one of these for your game.

> My tests with "mkbundle" for Windows failed, and one of my programmers
> says picking Mono DLLs and distributing them with the game would imply
> in a much larger setup file size, of about +40 MB for the whole Mono
> Framework. 

Mkbundle only distributes the assemblies that you use, so it will be
much smaller than 40 megs.  I take it your application does not use
EnterpriseServices, connect to SQL databases, use web services, or host
ASP.NET in the game.  

So your needs should be in the 7.5 meg range (Unity, a company does a
game compiler only needs 7.5).

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