[Mono-osx] An open letter to the OS X Mono group.

Robert Mullen robertm at autowc.com
Mon Mar 26 18:09:47 EDT 2007

Thanks Miguel,
This is something that I have spoken with the CIO of our company about
and in principal we have agreed that it would be both in our best
interest and in the spirit of the effort to contribute. The challenge we
have is that as a medium size enterprise we don't directly have a
tremendous amount of resources to throw at an effort like this with an
uncertain outcome. What we lack in direct resources we might be able to
make up for in indirect resources as we have come across a fair amount
of likeminded managers. I would like to follow this line of thought a
little bit but do not want to take up this list's bandwidth if there is
a more appropriate place for the discussion. What I am hoping to do is
to outline the areas we are interested in as a company and then develop
a rough guideline for the man hours that are likely required (knowing
that estimating will be error prone for obvious reasons) to bring the OS
X port to a fuller state in those areas. From there I can have some
internal discussions to decide if it is feasible for us try and
coordinate an effort to supply the necessary resources. 

I would like to add that I really appreciate the effort that has been
expended so far in development. I have Ubuntu Edgy running in my office
with our test application hosted and I must say that it is very
attractive and the framework support seems quite solid. With MonoDevelop
running on that box as well it is a pretty compelling package. Getting
Mac OS X to the same state would for the first time create a truly
compelling strategic option to Microsoft IMO. 

Competition is healthy.

Robert Mullen

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> around the edges. I have followed the conversations about the state of
> the port and would like to say that a native Quartz implementation of
> Windows Forms would be a major point of attraction for us. It seems
> that work has been done in that direction but more bodies are needed. 

That is correct, more people working on Mono's Windows Forms or in fact
on Mono's support for OSX are needed.

If your company has the budget, they could hire a few developers to work
on this particular task.   It is something that we know a lot of people
need, but we have had to prioritize completing our existing X11 support
and Linux support before the OSX.


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