[Mono-osx] An open letter to the OS X Mono group.

Ron Braithwaite ron at braithwaites.net
Mon Mar 26 02:52:08 EDT 2007

On Mar 25, 2007, at 9:11 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:

>> It seems
>> that work has been done in that direction but more bodies are needed.
> If your company has the budget, they could hire a few developers to  
> work
> on this particular task.

This could be the moment that I - that ALL - of us have been waiting  
for. As a technical consultant to a number of companies, I can say  
that there are a *host* of problems that could easily be solved if  
some company would throw some significant manpower towards getting  
Mono done on OSX.

I have two things I want: Windows Forms and I want a decent installer  
that hides the bloody details of Mono from the user for both initial  
installation and updates.

And all that is needed to get there is some forward thinking company  
funding the people to make it so.

Holding my breath,

B.S stands for belief system. Don't accept anyone else's, and don't  
totally believe your own.
-- Robert Anton Wilson

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