[Mono-osx] New pre-release C# Xcode Plug-in available

Jaume Llardén Prieto jllarden at aim.com
Sat Mar 24 17:29:56 EDT 2007


Now the C# Xcode Plug-in that can be download from http:// 
code.google.com/p/cocoa-sharp-dev/wiki/CSharpPlugin links to the  
newest one (version 0.3).

If you try to compile the source yourself, think that sudo has to be  
configured with the NOPASSWD flag. Read the pkg_readme.txt for more  

Kind regards

On 17 Mar 2007, at 00:39, Jaume Llardén Prieto wrote:

> All proposed modifications (with some improvements) are done. See svn
> log for the boring details.
> Please check the code out, test it yourself and give feedback. The
> generated pkg file installs smoothly (at least on my Powerbook).
> (The zipped pkg file that can be downloaded is still the old one.)
> Cheers
> jaume
> On 15 Mar 2007, at 14:53, David_Hudson at capgroup.com wrote:
>> Thanks for the feedback. If you do not mind, it would be much
>> easier if I
>> just gave you access to the Google SVN and you made the changes. Do
>> you
>> have  a google code login?
>> dave
>>> Hi,
>>> Great you took the time to package the plugin!
>>> I've tested the installer file and I found the following issues:
>>> * File owner for all files should be root:admin, not 504:504.
>>> * Target Templates/C Sharp/Cocoa# Executable.trgttmpl's filename
>>> contains a typo.
>>> * Files COPYING.txt and CSharpXcodePlugin.pkg shouldn't be copied to
>>> the Developer Tools directory.
>>> * (for the sake of completion) There's a missing period in
>>> project.xcodeproj:
>>> --- csharpplugin/Project Templates/C Sharp/Library/
>> [rest of message deleted]
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