[Mono-osx] New pre-release C# Xcode Plug-in available

Jaume Llardén Prieto jllarden at aim.com
Fri Mar 16 19:39:03 EDT 2007

All proposed modifications (with some improvements) are done. See svn  
log for the boring details.

Please check the code out, test it yourself and give feedback. The  
generated pkg file installs smoothly (at least on my Powerbook).

(The zipped pkg file that can be downloaded is still the old one.)


On 15 Mar 2007, at 14:53, David_Hudson at capgroup.com wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback. If you do not mind, it would be much  
> easier if I
> just gave you access to the Google SVN and you made the changes. Do  
> you
> have  a google code login?
> dave
>> Hi,
>> Great you took the time to package the plugin!
>> I've tested the installer file and I found the following issues:
>> * File owner for all files should be root:admin, not 504:504.
>> * Target Templates/C Sharp/Cocoa# Executable.trgttmpl's filename
>> contains a typo.
>> * Files COPYING.txt and CSharpXcodePlugin.pkg shouldn't be copied to
>> the Developer Tools directory.
>> * (for the sake of completion) There's a missing period in
>> project.xcodeproj:
>> --- csharpplugin/Project Templates/C Sharp/Library/
> [rest of message deleted]
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