[Mono-osx] help please

peppelinux at simail.it peppelinux at simail.it
Thu Mar 8 04:07:15 EST 2007

Hello I'am a italian student of information tecnology, I need to use mono develop on my machine a ppc G4 width Mac Os x 10.4.8.
I have previously installed the package Gnome-bundle.mpkg so it is indicated in this how to
when I prove to install your packet MonoFramework- at
 the fifth steps the program of installation says to me "Non puoi continuare. Non c'è niente da installare" the meaning in english is this "You can't continue.There is not to install".
But I don't understand the meaning of this message. I prove to download the installation file two times to check possible errors in trasmission but the problem is not this.
Can you help me ? It is important for my studies

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