[Mono-osx] Active Directory Infinite Loop

Jaume Llardén Prieto jllarden at aim.com
Fri Jun 15 11:33:47 EDT 2007

Ed, thanks for your comments.
I filed yesterday a bug. Hopefully this issue will be solved in Leopard.

Kind regards,

On 10 Jun 2007, at 03:00, Edward J. Sabol wrote:

> Jaume wrote:
>> I thought of filing a bug to Apple, but wanted to hear some opinions
>> on this before.
> I think filing a bug report sooner (like within the next week)  
> rather than
> later should be the first order of business, assuming a bug hasn't  
> already
> been filed, of course. This is definitely a bug we need fixed in  
> Mac OS X
> 10.5 Leopard, and my main concern is that it may be getting too  
> close to the
> deadline for getting changes integrated into Leopard. (I wouldn't be
> surprised if a "beta" is released at WWDC in a few days.) We need  
> to make
> sure the Mac OS X kernel or BSD engineers are aware of the problem  
> and its
> seriousness, basically how this affects Mac OS X usage and  
> development in
> typical Active Directory environments. You can always track down  
> where the 16
> bits are getting lost and submit a patch later. I do recommend that  
> you
> submit your small C program which demonstrates the problem with  
> your bug
> report. Failing test cases are sometimes more useful than patches for
> development teams.
> Of course, it's entirely possible it may already be fixed in Leopard.
> Unfortunately, anyone who has access to Leopard builds and who  
> might be able
> to test it probably can't comment publicly on whether or not it is  
> still
> broken in Leopard.
> It might be worth bringing up the topic on the darwin-dev mailing  
> list, in
> addition to filing a bug report.
> Just my thoughts on the matter.... Thanks for your research into  
> the matter
> and sticking with it!
> Hope this helps,
> Ed
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