[Mono-osx] Windows Forms application on OS X

Rolf mac at ontrax.no
Tue Jul 31 08:58:40 EDT 2007


I'v made the simplest possible .net Forms application in VS 2005 
consisting only of a form and a button - no code. I checked it with MoMa 
and had to comment out a call to Application.EnableVisualStyles() in 
Main() and this.AutoScaleMode in InitializeComponent().

Now MoMa no longer complains about anything, and I can run the 
application successfully in mono on Windows XP. However on OS X 
10.3.9 an exception is generated.

On both Windows XP and OS X I have just installed Mono 1.2.4. What 
am I missing ?

I tried a hello world console application on OS X and that runs fine.

 Thanks for any help :-)


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