[Mono-osx] [Mono-dev] OS X builds and -DUSE-MUNMAP

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Mon Jan 29 17:36:37 EST 2007


>> ...but according to the Release Notes the release was published two
>> (?) days *after* the fix was committed by Allan and you once posted
>> that releases were no longer branched but created directly from  
>> trunk...
> Am not sure I understand what you are trying to find out.
> Allan's patch was checked in revision 68870, Mono 1.2.2 was  
> branched in
> 68799.
> The release usually happens days after the branch is done, for two
> reasons: packages are built for plenty of distributions, and we test
> those packages and backport fixes for issues that people run into the
> testing phase.
> Am not sure what it is that you are trying to argue.

You've already kindly answered my post on Friday and your answer was  
satisfactory for me, so I do not understood why you would suddenly  
get upset about that now. I am not arguing anything here and wasn't.  
It is merely in my nature to try to understand things! Let me recap  
for you:

I understood a post of yours (maybe around 1.1.14?) that you were no  
longer branching the releases. Therefore I assumed there would be no  
branches in SVN for me to check. Apparently I misunderstood your  
point back then, because you are now saying you are in fact still  

Independently of this misunderstanding I assumed that the date  
mentioned in the Release Notes would be the date you checked out a  
working copy for compilation, which, like you just said, is not the  
case so I was on the wrong track anyway.

Therefore my question of howcome a release with date later than the  
fix does not include a fix committed before that date has been fully  
answered. Thank you very much.

To rule out such is-the-fix-in questions for the future it might be  
helpful to mention the SVN revision of a particular release in its  
Release Notes and/or in the mono -V output. Then we can more easily  
check whether a specific commit is included or not. The textual  
change description in the Release Notes does not always include every  
possible detail of what has been changed (and I agree it shouldn't).


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