[Mono-osx] Nunit 2.2.9, gmcs and Mono

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Thu Jan 11 07:06:55 EST 2007

Hi Susan,

Am 11.01.2007 um 11:14 schrieb Susan Mackay:

> I'm trying to get the latest release of NUnit (2.2.9) to work and I'm
> obviously missing something, as I get rather inconsistent results.
> Below, you can see the source file and the various attempts to  
> compile it
> that I've tried. From this my problems are:
> 1) gmcs can't find nunit.framework, but mcs can! What's missing?
> 2) mcs does not correctly parse the commented-out [ExpectedException]
> attribute which uses a new form of this attribute - makes me think  
> that an
> old version of Nunit.framework is being picked up. However, as you  
> can see
> by the truncated gacutil listing, the only versions there should  
> have it.
> What's going on?

In order to compile with either mcs or gmcs you need to reference an  
assembly file, not just the name of an assembly in the GAC. There are  
symlinks in some lib folder for convenience and most likely for NUnit  
there's a symlink (in this case nunit.framework in lib/1.0/) pointing  
to the old NUnit that was part of Mono framework. Try referencing a  
local copy or adding/modifying the symlinks and it should work.


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