[Mono-osx] License for CSharpPlugin?

kangaroo grompf at sublimeintervention.com
Sat Jan 6 09:19:43 EST 2007

I have two things to say about this;

1.  It sounds like MIT/X11 is most in line with what you want.  It 
pretty much says in laymans terms; "Take this and o what you want with 
it.  You can use it commercially.  You don't have to open-source your 
stuff.  You cant blame me if it breaks something."
2.  I _STRONGLY_ suggest reading the license you pick fully before 
commiting to it.  You cannot unhatch an egg.


Susan Mackay wrote:
> David,
> I must admit that I've not thought about licenses - as I mention in the
> documentation (in which I now see I've missed quite a few spelling
> mistakes!!!) I have built the code on the work of others who have made their
> work freely available and I was really doing the same thing - letting anyone
> else who can improve it free access to do so.
> Two things come to my mind:
> 1) what are the implications of placing a license on work derived form
> others
> 2) I don't want any license to limit the ability of others to take the code
> and improve/extend it to the betterment of all
> If it must be licensed, then I must be guided by you and others as I really
> don't know the implications of the LGPL/GPL/MIT licenses.
> Cheers,
> Susan
> On 6/1/07 03:44, "David_Hudson at capgroup.com" <David_Hudson at capgroup.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Susan,
>> What is the license for your C Sharp Plugin for Xcode? I want to add the
>> licence files and notices to the code. Probably LPGL or GPL would be the
>> most consistent with the rest of Mono. MIT would probably be ok as well.
>> Let me know and I will add it to svn. Thanks
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