[Mono-osx] mono aot on Leopard

laertesian at mac.com laertesian at mac.com
Tue Dec 11 03:17:58 EST 2007

I've just tried mono for the first time, on my Mac OS X Leopard
system.  I can compile and run hello.cs, and it seems to be
working.  (Thanks to Mono folks for the hard work.)

However, when I try to use aot:

     $ mono --aot hello.exe

I get a large number of error messages.  After poking around
slightly, it looks like mono is feeding an assembly language file
to the stock Leopard as(1) that is not syntactically correct for
the version of as(1) on Leopard.

I have to assume that JIT is working.  Otherwise it wouldn't
print "hello world", right?  Is the the --aot facility using a
completely different mechanism?  Or is there a smallish fix that
will make AOT work also?

My ultimate goal is to do some F# programming, and the F# folks
strongly suggest running everything through AOT to get better
startup times.

Jeff Scofield

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