[Mono-osx] Active Directory Infinite Loop

Daniel Abrams relations at masslight.com
Wed Apr 4 10:33:44 EDT 2007

I'm not sure it is as rare as you think.  While I would agree that it would
be very rare for a home user to use active directory (though I know a couple
who do), among institutional users (schools, colleges, companies,
government, etc), it would be unusual not to use active directory, and I
would be surprised if these users didn't constitute at least 15% of the
install base, and probably more than that.

Do you know if this is only an issue for development or would it be an issue
for deploying Mono applications to machines with AD accounts?  Do you know
where in the Mono runtime this failure is occuring, I wouldn't mind having
one of our engineers poke around if you might have some idea where to start

On 4/4/07, Eoin Norris <e.norris at mac.com> wrote:
> While it is true that you failed early, it is also true that your
> situation is relatively rare in the outside world. Macs are not used that
> often with Active Directory accounts ( I mean, as a percentage of the total
> installed base of Macs it must be far less than 1%). You would probably be
> excluding more people by not allowing 10.3.x users, or even 10.2.x users
> to not use your application. Which is what I do for technical reasons.
> I intend to look at this problem soon, but am not sure if there is an
> answer. At the lowest level it seems to be an Apple bug. My solution may be
> to catch that my application is running on Active Directory and warn the
> user that it is not supported.
> In the meantime, if possible, you should move development to a non-AD
> account.
> -- Eoin
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