[Mono-osx] Active Directory Infinite Loop

Daniel Abrams relations at masslight.com
Tue Apr 3 17:28:04 EDT 2007

Sorry if this question has been answered, I searched the list and only found
a few unanswered references to this problem.  We are investigating Mono as a
cross platform solution for Windows/Mac application.

Upon installing Mono with a completely vanilla install via Mac OS X
installer, and trying to compile a simple Hello World application, or even
just invoking the compiler without arguments, I immediately enter an
infinite loop:

CRITICAL **: _wapi_shm_semaphores_init:

I gather from previous posts to this list, that this error is somehow
related to the fact that my user account is an Active Directory account.
Does anyone know if Mono is this badly broken for any user with Active
Directory based accounts, or can point me to a potential workaround?  I
gather from reading the list that Mono development for Mac OS X is lagging a
bit, but failing so hard so early is a bit disheartening.  Not meant to be a
flame, just looking for suggestions to continue my exploration.  Thanks.
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