[Mono-osx] Xcode plugin for C#/Mono

Ken & Deb Allen kendrhyd at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 29 09:00:56 EDT 2006


Thank you for the assistance that you provided offline. As we have  
discussed, the problems seem to have been my failing to read and  
understand your instructions exactly, along with a typo on my behalf.

Once I renamed the "Plug-ins" folder to have the proper name the  
architecture and other issues were corrected and I was able to  
create, compile and execute applications and referenced libraries.

As we have found, the "Clean" option is not removing the generated  
binaries from the "Build" folder, but this is relatively minor.

There does seem to be an issue with the editor and placement of  
beginning and ending braces for blocks of code. That is a more  
complicated nut to crack. Your explanation that the current  
implementation is using the "PBXCPPSourceScanner" class for the C#  
code certain explains the phenomenon. Until that scanner can be  
augmented with one that understands all of the C# language (perhaps  
someone out there may have some clues how to achieve that?), this is  
just something one can live with.

Now that Apple has these wonderful new Intel based systems and the  
capability of running Windows inside the same system, and  
concurrently with products like Parallels, they should be showing  
more interest in some cross-platform development capabilities --  
perhaps even Mono/C#!

Thank you for the efforts on this endeavor to date. While MonoDevelop  
may be a 'better' solution in the long run, until it has matured to  
the point where there is a functional installer for MacOS (one that  
deals with all of the myriad dependencies), this is superior to the  
CLI approach that I was using before, and it may prove to be even  
better in the future.


On 27-Sep-06, at 9:54 AM, Ken & Deb Allen wrote:

> I have just downloaded your Xcode plugin for C#/Mono, something I  
> have been looking for for some time, with great anticipation. I was  
> a bit disappointed to discover that it did not work properly on my  
> G4 iMac running MacOS 10.4.7, Xcode 2.4 and Mono 1.1.17-3.
> I read through your PDF and noted your disclaimer that the code had  
> only been tested on Intel based systems. Provided are the steps I  
> followed and some details I observed. I am willing to send you any  
> specific files you wish or to assist in any other matter to aid to  
> resolving this -- just let m know.
> 1. I installed the files in exactly the manner you indicated, and  
> the options showed up the project type dialog as expected.
> 2. I create a new C# application project named "FromXcode" just to  
> see what would happen.
> 3. The first thing that I noticed, was that in the main Xcode  
> window (see Picture1 attached) there was an unnamed 'Product' file.  
> This does not agree with your document where the name of this other  
> file should be (in my case) "FromXcode.exe".
> <Picture 1.png>
> 4. Ignoring this I attempted to compile the project and received  
> the following message (see Picture2):
> <Picture 2.png>
> 5. I then attempted to add the C# Library target to the project  
> (named it "XcodeLib") and noticed that the "Architecture" was not  
> "mono" as your documentation indicated, but "ppc"; I changed this  
> in both targets and now the original target seemed to compile (no  
> errors were reported) -- but the "Run" option does not become  
> enabled! Nor is there any indication that the library (which has no  
> sources) was compiled or created. The list of source files contains  
> only the original CS file and the unnamed target.
> 6. Subsequent attempts to build report that dependencies are being  
> checked, a Clean does not change this -- the source file is not  
> actually compiled again. Even stopping and starting Xcode and  
> removing the build folder from the project does not change this. If  
> I look into the build folder, there is no EXE file generated  
> (possibly because the target file is incorrect).
> 7. I went back and re-read your documentation and realized I had  
> made an error. On page 10 you indicate that one should right-click  
> on the sources icon (in the left of the main Xcode window, I  
> presume) and select the "Add" and "New File..." option -- but when  
> I do so, there is no "C Sharp" option as your documentation indicates!
> 8. Finally, as a second check, I started over from scratch,  
> deleting the entire project folder, but this time I changed the  
> architecture from "ppc" to "mono" before I attempted to build the  
> application for the first time. The build did not indicate that any  
> source file was compiled -- just that dependencies were being  
> checked and that all was well. Againt, nothing to run.
> -ken
> On 27-Sep-06, at 4:29 AM, Susan Mackay wrote:
>> NB This is the second attempt at sending this - the first version  
>> had an
>> attached zip file that was too large - I've just included the  
>> files needed
>> to install and run the plugin. I'll post the other files  
>> separately in
>> another post later on if this one 'gets through'. Sorry about that.
>> I've attached a zip file containing a plugin that I've been  
>> developing to
>> allow Xcode to be used as the IDE for C#/Mono.
>> The zip file is really just a snapshot of the installation file of  
>> the
>> plugin, along with some documentation files (.pdf)
>> Full installation instructions are given in the documentation but  
>> the first
>> page has a "quick start" for those who just want to give it a try.
>> It knows about C# source files, how to compile them to create  
>> library and
>> executable assembly files, as well as dependencies between library
>> assemblies and executable ones. Compile errors can link back to  
>> the source
>> line the compiler is complaining about.
>> Also, it is possible to run the executable from within Xcode.  
>> However you
>> cannot debug the application.
>> I've put this forward as a 'work in progress' and I am wanting  
>> those more
>> knowledgeable than I to either provide me with feedback and  
>> suggestions, or
>> to take the code and improve on it.
>> Hope this helps someone....
>> Susan
>> <CSPlugin.zip>
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