[Mono-osx] configure fails on PKG_CHECK_MODULES(BASE_DEPENDENCIES, glib-2.0 >= $GLIB_REQUIRED_VERSION)

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Sep 28 10:11:35 EDT 2006

On 09/27/06 Emery Conrad wrote:
> I'm building from svn on a MacBook Pro (Intel-based MacOS X 10.4.7) and get
> a failure during configuration:
> where GLIB_REQUIRED_VERSION= 1.3.11 in the config script. Note that

The complete message would be better, but I guess you installed
pkg-config and/or glib in a different prefix that autoconf/automake.
You need to set an env vare when running autogen.sh:

ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I $prefix/aclocal" ./autogen.sh ...

Where $prefix is the prefix used for pkg-config/glib.


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